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Hop-on, Hop-Off

Every Saturday | Special Events

Hop-on, Hop-off - $20PP (All Day)


Hop-On, Hop-Off  (Saturdays and special events)  Every Saturday starting at 12pm guests arrive to join our brew and wine trail tour. The group departs not later than 12:30pm from our downtown location and transports you and your guests to one of 7-8 local breweries, vineyards, or venues. Stay as long as you like at each location, we will come around and get you and your guests to safely transport you to your next location. Start or stop where ever you like, final pickup is 7pm and final stop is 8pm at our downtown location. Pay-as-you go prices at each venue. 

Timing:  Every Saturday at 12am

Location: Tour Temple (13 S 2nd Street, Temple TX 76501).

Monies:  $20 per rider, pay-as-you go prices at each venue. 


Arrive Saturday at noon to our tour center at 13 S 2nd Street in downtown Temple, we depart for the brew and wine trail at 12:30pm in our specially equipped 14-passenger ADA-equipped tour bus. Your guide circles the region stopping at 7-8 primary breweries and vineyards throughout the day. Our driver stays briefly at each stop (5 minutes) to unload guests and then load waiting passengers. You may exit the bus at any stop or choose to stay on the bus to a future destination. We then drive to the next venue to load and unload passengers and continue this loop for 8 hours. You choose where you want to start, where to get on or off the bus, or where and when to end your tour. It takes approximately 60-minutes per each loop, so time your pickups around the bus schedule. The last pickup begins at 7pm and we return to Corkys Pub at our tour center at 13 S 2nd Street, downtown Temple, TX and arrive not later than 8pm.

Locations Visited:

Corkys Beer and Wine Bar
Fire Base Brewing
Trenos Pizzaria
Moose & Goose Winery (hours permitting)
BJ Tasting Room (hours permitting)
3 Texans Vineyard and Winery
Bold Republic Brewing Company
Dancing Bee Winery

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Our tour service is great for active adults who enjoy being a part of the ever-increasing social scene in Central Texas. Take one of our regularly scheduled tours or customize your own tour, wine, brews, or more.

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