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New entertainment venue in Temple, TX

Matt Lively from KCEN-TV takes a sneak peek at new entertainment venue to town, Tour Temple, hopes to offer fun new activities that will keep people in town on the weekends.

Temple has a growing population of active adults new to the area with disposable income and gaps in entertainment and leisure activities locally without the need to travel to Austin, Dallas, or Houston. or by connecting to up-and-coming wineries/breweries/restaurants/etc. all trying to get on their radar. The level of small business growth in Temple received a shout out from the governor in January of 2020, and there has been an introduction Tour Temple’s value proposition is leveraging existing connections with Temple’s Chamber of Commerce and the local veteran community to connect these two groups.

Tour Temple is creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem with other local businesses to enlarge the downtown echo chamber of publicity. As we partner with and highlight local business as points of interest, we will expect that they amplify our social media presence and push mutual success. Our marketing efforts will be led by the team at milMedia Group. In addition to building private partnerships, we have been working closely with the Temple Main Street Program and Downtown Temple. Our missions are closely aligned, and we plan on utilizing their existing connections to get in front of new customers and partners