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March 2021

How to Hop-on, Hop-off

How to Hop-on, hop-off

What’s a hop-on, hop-off service and how can you use it to help you safely get where you want to go? Many of our favorite destinations in downtown Temple, TX are hard to get to because of crowded streets, limited parking and far distances to the door. If you have a night out on the town wouldn’t it be nice to have your own driver and a vehicle pick you up nearby and take you around town where you want to go? Starting at 12pm… Read More »How to Hop-on, hop-off

13 S 2nd Street, Temple TX

Things to do in Temple, TX

Are you looking for something new and exciting in Temple, TX? Opened to the public March 2021, Tour Temple offers fun and new outdoor entertainment for active adults. Temple has a growing population and gaps in entertainment and leisure activities locally without the need to travel to Austin, Dallas, or Houston. Our unguided winery and microbrew tours connect our customers to up-and-coming wineries/breweries/restaurants/etc. The level of small business growth in Temple received a shout out from the governor in January of 2020, and there has… Read More »Things to do in Temple, TX